Leading ESG event

for the real estate industy in Africa

May 30-31, 2022

Eko Convention Center, Lagos

Theme: Towards a Sustainable Culture

Our goal in the next 10 years is to raise awareness of climate tech, sustainability and ESG in the built environment.

Why a Sustainability Conference

The conference will;

  1. Identify the global challenges?
  2. Identify the issues relating to sustainability in the built environment?
  3. Use the conference to close sustainability gaps in the built environment in Africa
  4. Galvanize the industry players to embrace the concept of sustainability?
  5. Explore the Strategy and practice of incorporating SDG and ESG factors in investment decisions
  6. Recognize and reward organizations embracing a sustainable culture

Unite Community

The Unite ESG community consist of climate tech/sustainability/ESG leaders from the real estate, government, finance, business, technology, venture and academia sectors. Utilizing content, conferences, research and networking platforms for shared prosperity. Participating at Unite reinforces your brand and company as an organization passionate about a sustainable future.





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