What to Expect at Real Estate Unite 2018

There are endless ways of learning and honing your skills or abilities these days: you can read blogs, listen to podcasts, watch vlogs, attend webinars and what not. Why bother with the time and expense of attending a conference?

Real Estate Unite, the largest real estate event in Africa is set to take place on 17th – 19th of September 2018 at Eko Hotel Lagos, Nigeria.  After six successful years, the 7th edition would host industry leaders and investors bringing them together to exchange views and vision for the well-being of the African real estate sector.

Organised by 3INVEST, a real estate company with an advocacy goal to educate, redefine and promote the Sub-Sahara African Real Estate industry exposing its huge potential for inclusive growth, Real Estate Unite (REU) is an annual event that extensively provides a standout platform for residential, office, retail, healthcare, hospitality and industrial sectors of  West Africa’s property industry to network, learn, transact, showcase, discuss and harness opportunities and issues in global real estate yearly.

Who Should participate at REU 2018?

This year’s summit is going above and beyond, hosting players from various sectors which are interwoven with the real estate sector which includes:

  • Private equity funds
  • Asset managers
  • Pension funds
  • Financial institutions
  • Corporate occupiers
  • Leasing executives
  • Industry professional and associations
  • Service providers and suppliers
  • Retail brands
  • Construction companies
  • Timeshare and co-work operators
  • Property developers
  • Investors and homebuyers
  • Hospitality community
  • Healthcare organizations
  • Policymakers
  • Legal practitioners
  • Interior décor companies
  • Power companies
  • Protech Companies


Why Attend REU?

  1. Professional Networking

The importance of networking cannot be overstated. The attendees at REU are generally the decision makers, big guns, who make the difference between a good quarter and a great quarter. It allows networking with other investors and vendors, leading to new business opportunities and reduced costs.

Furthermore, REU is a good avenue to meet individuals who have been successful in the business, that you just might find yourself sitting next to your next customer or mentor or even your toughest competitor.


  1. Business Insight

REU summits are ingrained with the idea of bringing thought leaders and industry innovators together to discuss secret insights, exposing innovative ideas. You’re most likely heading home with a revigorated sense of ambition, full of current ideas on how to improve and grow your business.

Speakers are experts in their field, and the advice they dispense in their presentations are insightful and reliable.

  1. Stay Current with Trends

The real estate market is volatile, it pays to stay ahead of the latest trends. REU brings together a variety of professionals from distinct levels with overflowing up-to-date discussions on market insight which helps make decisions that increase efficiency and success. Knowledge gained increases the odds of thriving in a changing market.

  1. Impromptu Sessions

Not all conference takeaways come out of the sessions, the intervals provide several opportunities to sit down with colleagues or presenters for some quality one-on-one time to discuss topics that are ordinarily grey areas or area of expertise.

  1. Sharpen the Saw

Sometimes taking a break from “work” to work at home in on necessary skills is required to achieve maximum optimization at work. Time and time again, there is always an influx of innovative ideas and approaches upon return from a conference that improves on the effectiveness and efficiency at work.

Inasmuch as the idea was existing before the time of Stephen Covey, he lists “sharpen the saw” as his seventh habit of highly effective people.

  1. New Tools

There are always new tools on display that is yet to be discovered. Whilst these products can be found at their websites, getting a hands-on experience or demonstration of these tools or being able to ask specific questions pertaining to your industry/ business to elevate business struggles is above and beyond.

  1. Learning in a New Space

Sometimes, sitting in the same chair, in the same office or cubicle looking at the same walls or laptop screen can keep us from fresh and new ideas that will grow our businesses.

At REU, the atmosphere is set for learning and brainstorming on better ways to achieve results that would make a positive impact on your business.

To participate, visit www.realestateunite.com or call 08099991803 for more details and enquiries.