Latest Coworking Trends; The Need for Africa’s Service Providers to Unite

The concept of Coworking is a revolutionary trend that is transforming the real estate sector. Coworking is a style of work that involves a shared working environment, often an office. But unlike in a typical office environment, cowork users are usually not employed by the same organization; hence the main idea is that individual workers come together in a shared place to enjoy greater productivity and a sense of community.

Co-working is rapidly expanding and has transcended its origins as a functional alternative to the cliché traditional office space. Today, a broad range of businesses ranging from technology and professional service firms to consumer product companies, form a growing network that recognises the value of flexibility, community and shared resources.

In recent years, there has been a phenomenal rise in the adoption and impact of coworking globally and Africa. Various Sub-Saharan countries like South-Africa, Nigeria, Kenya among others have a number of shared space offices.

Latest Cowork Trends

1. FlexibilityBig companies, as well as start-up firms, are being challenged to support more mobile and flexible forms of working.

There is also growing pressure to bring more flexibility to the real estate portfolio and create greater volumes of on-demand space. Coworking can help satisfy this growing demand for dexterity, variability, and liquidity of space, whilst allowing companies to experiment in a ring-fenced environment without the need for organisation-wide change.

2. Workspace DesignThis is such a growing trend that is resulting in the upsurge of ‘experiential spaces’ to cater to those companies who want to push their shared office experience to the next level.

Many spaces, in a bid to secure the best and brightest tenants, are including a variety of enticing services and facilities, some of which includes: in-house gyms and fitness classes, workshops and opportunities to learn new skills, as well as social areas, such as cafes and bars.

3.  Innovation:

Organizations are basically utilizing coworking models to tap into innovative ideas, technology and also to collaborate with start-ups. It is believed that a collaborative work environment positively linked to innovation, which is one of the key drivers of business growth. Coworking space can provide a positive atmosphere for creative thinking and access to new ideas, approaches, or technologies.

4.  Coworking on Demand: We are currently in an era where technology has fast-tracked service delivery and people expect almost everything on-demand.

Plugging into this wave by establishing instant access to co-working facilities that suit individual needs is clearly the way forward. Start-up businesses and entrepreneurs should no longer have to wait weeks or go through lengthy admin processes to find their perfect desk space or meeting room.

Why Service Providers Need To Unite.

The stage is set for sub-Saharan Africa to fully integrate this new era in coworking brought about by the advent of new technology and emerging coworking trends. Organisations are plugging into this initiative as a means to cut down on overhead cost, drive innovation, build community and optimize productivity among others.

With this increased popularity and interest towards the use of work space alternatives, there is therefore a need for service providers and cowork operators to unite at this year’s Real Estate Unite 2017 for the purpose of;

  • Integrating, suggesting and learning more ways to make workspace more efficient in Sub-Saharan Africa as well as ways to technologically improve coworking experience
  • Meeting and interacting with other service providers locally and globally to create a formidable synergy towards ensuring the overall growth and advancement of the coworking sector in Sub-Saharan Africa
  • Exhibiting your services and spaces to prospective clients and also enlightening them on the benefits of becoming your tenants.

Considering the rate at which technological advancement is growing, it is important to keep up with the changing pace and stay updated with the tech innovations and solutions. It was technology that initiated the workplace revolution, and now it is the time that technology powers the workplace evolution.

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